Unmodish is a weird word. Merriam-Webster puts its popularity in the bottom 10% of all words, which suits me just fine. It means unfashionable or unstylish or passé, and that makes it perfect for me and for this blog – I’ve spent the majority of my life studying and working with clothes, but I don’t especially care for or keep up with modern fashion.

So here I’m going to talk about clothes that decades or even centuries out-of-date. Don’t expect cute OOTD posts from me – this blog is going to be grumpy, not cute. And I’m going to write about other stuff beside old clothes and junk too, and I’ll probably be downright depressed in those moments. This isn’t going to be a “clothing” or “fashion” blog, so with this title I’m trying to keep it broad.

Plus, I just like how unmodish sounds.

The Beautiful Savages by George Barbier